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  • FIEC is coming!
    FIEC is coming!
    Colombia is the fourth largest country in South America, after Brazil, Argentina and Peru. Bogota is the largest city in Colombia and the fourth largest city in South America after Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires and Rio DE Janeiro.It is the center of business, finance, culture and industrial manufacturing.Colombia is a party to the general agreement on tariffs and trade.
  • Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition
    Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition
    At this Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition,BIHUI has done an excellent job in the exhibition.
  • Congratulations on our successful Hongkong exhibition.
    Congratulations on our successful Hongkong exhibition.
    The Hong Kong Fair is an international event that attracts hundreds of foreign businessmen
  • Hong Kong lighting exhibition
    Hong Kong lighting exhibition
    Information about the upcoming Hong Kong exhibition,Welcome to our Hong Kong lighting exhibition

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