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5 Minutes Show You the "Color Index" of the Luminaire

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5 Minutes Show You the "Color Index" of the Luminaire

Issue Time:2019-12-20
5 Minutes Show You the "Color Index" of the Luminaire.
The two dishes above, which one would you like?It must be the second set!It looks delicious!In fact, it's the same dish.So why the difference?That's the difference in the color index.The light hitting the same dish has different properties, called the chromogenic index.
Color rendering index is a measure of color rendering of light source, which is expressed by the degree of color conformity between the object color under the measured light source and the object color under the reference standard light source.The general color rendering index is the average value of the light source's color rendering index for the 1st ~ 8th standard color samples stipulated by the international lighting commission. It is generally called color rendering index and the symbol is Ra.We usually say "color index", is the general color index abbreviation.The special color rendering index is the color rendering index of 9~15 standard color samples selected by the international lighting commission. The symbol is Ri.
The picture above shows the appearance of the 14 test colors used in the color rendering index system.
The larger the Ra, the better the color rendering performance;On the contrary, the worse the color rendering.
The coloration index of sunlight is defined as 100.
In order to conform to the long-term lighting habit of human beings, the international lighting commission stipulated that the light source with low color temperature below 5000K should use the Planck radiator as the reference light source, and the standard lighting body D as the reference light source with color temperature above 5000K, and set the color rendering index of the reference light source to 100.
The spectral power distribution of the light source determines the color rendering property of the light source.The closer to the natural light spectrum, the higher the color rendering index.
This is a picture of a beautiful woman.As the saying goes, "no contrast, no harm".A good lamps and lanterns according to the beauty of the face, should bring beauty effect.The whole frame is divided into three parts. The upper part is the lighting effect of the color rendering index 65, the middle part is the lighting effect of the color rendering index 73, and the lower part is the lighting effect of the color rendering index 80.
As can be seen from the figure, the color of the upper part is obviously distorted, losing color details, color saturation is very low, and the light on the color of the restore degree is very low, giving people the feeling of "printing hall blackening".The effect of the middle part is obviously better than that of the upper part, with a certain color, but the effect is not good, the effect is the color of skin sallow, no vitality.The next part of the effect on the reduction of high, more pleasing eyeball.High color saturation, skin rosy and shiny face, lips sexy red, very attractive.
The field of optometry has repeatedly demonstrated that natural light can prevent myopia.Look from the Angle that protects eyesight, choose tall show to point to lamps and lanterns is correct choice, give the desk lamp that children USES especially.Children's books, toys and the like are all colorful.If choose the lamp with low indication, the color that reflects back to the eye of children will lose saturation, cause color distortion, easy to cause visual fatigue, and may lead to myopia.
Generally, places that require accurate color contrast, such as museums, should have a color index above 90.Need to correctly judge the color of the site, color index between 80 and 89.Where medium color rendering is required, the color rendering index is between 60 and 79.
Humans are very visual.As a lighting enterprise, it is obligatory and inevitable to output a light that satisfies the visual experience of users.Bihui has been committed to the development of high-quality lighting products, in order to achieve the goal of "high visibility, high light efficiency", implementation of the concept of "extreme productism", to create a "healthy and comfortable" light environment for users.

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