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Eight Advantages of Solar LED Light

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Eight Advantages of Solar LED Light
Issue Time:2019-08-09

Eight Advantages of Solar LED Light

1.Less Investment:This is one-time investment.And alternating current equivalent investment is converted from substations investment to electricity, control boxes, cables, and engineering investment.It’s a long-term benefits investment.

2.Power Saving:Provide electricity.Solar power is unlimited and inexhaustible.

3.High Quality:Technology products, green energy.It represents that the users pay attention to technology, green image progress and level.

4.Wide Application:Everyone can use solar power because the suns energy comes from nature.These solar LED lights are especially suitable for greenbelt landscape lighting equipment, high-rise housing and outdoor lighting, tourist attractions in coastal landscape lighting and decoration, industrial development zones and mining enterprises, street lamps, outdoor lighting some universities and colleges.

5.Safety:There are no electric shock,fire and other accident when in use.

6.Long Life:High-tech products and control systems.The accessories are international brands, intelligent design, and reliable quality.The solar LED street Light of our company have 3-5 years warranty.

7.Convenience:Easy installation,no need to check the line and zigbee wireless single lamp control.No restriction of electricity.

8.Eco-Friendly:Free from pollution,no noise,no radiation.

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