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Happy Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving
Issue Time:2018-11-22
Happy Thanksgiving

     Thanksgiving Day is a family holiday. All over the country, husbands and wives, children and the elderly, from town to town, from town to village, from village to village, all come back home to spend the holiday together.Those who cannot return home also make long-distance phone calls to talk with their parents and families and share their gratitude.Thanksgiving dinners are virtually the same across the country.The table is always full of all kinds of delicious food.It's mainly Turkey.Eating pumpkin pie is a reminder of the gift the indians gave to the first settlers.

       In most families, traditional games are played after meals.Thanksgiving is a joyous celebration, a day for family reunions, a time to renew friendships.On that day, even the bachelor is always invited to someone's house to share the joy of being grateful and to thank god for his kindness.That's what Thanksgiving is all about.

        Happy Thanksgiving from BIHUI.

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